Splitgate Wiki

Portals are direct gateways between two points in space, which can be created by the player to navigate around Maps in Splitgate. Both portals can be created separately, by using the player's arm-mounted Portal Gun.

Portal Mechanics[]

Portals are used during matches for movement across the map, tactical combat, and enemy evasion. The laws or mechanics of portals within Splitgate are:

  • Portals may only be placed on Portal Walls.
  • Momentum while entering a portal is maintained when exiting from the secondary portal.
  • Players on the opposing team can be damaged through a portal using melee or a Weapon.

Update history[]

Beta Version
  • Improved functionality of rotating to upright when coming out of a ceiling/angled portal.


  • Add Portal Spawn Success and Fail Sounds.


  • New Portal Effect - New Ring Around Portals and New Interior Effect.


  • Portal Rotation Improvements - We have sped up the rotation when coming out of a portal and also removed the lock on mouse input.
  • Teleport Sound - Sound plays when you or another person goes through a portal.


  • Enhanced the ability to see your own portals’ locations through walls.


  • Portals now flash when enemies are camping on other side.

Portal Skins[]

Coming Soon

Portal Ring Skins[]

Portal Ring Skins


  • You can shoot yourself through your own Portal.