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The Carbine is a starter weapon in most game modes. Its lack of damage falloff and weapon spread make it a deadly weapon.


One shot from the Carbine deals a staggering 30 points the body and 40 to the head. This allows the player to kill an enemy in just 3 shots if one of those is a headshot. Without headshots the enemy can still be killed in 4 shots. This means an enemy can be killed in as little as 1.05 seconds at full health. The Carbine does not have any damage fall off allowing the player to deal full damage at any distance.


The Carbine is a hitscan weapon and does not have any weapon spread. This means that if the player's crosshair is on the enemy when firing the shot will hit the enemy. The Carbine also features a 1.6x scope. In the hands of an accurate player this makes the Carbine a deadly weapon at any range.